Radiant Lending - Consumer Lending Management Software

The banking industry has faced a number of challenges over the last several years including heightened regulatory scrutiny as well as a slow economy. The result has been tight margins due to higher costs, weakened credit quality, and declining loan demand. Inefficiency is simply not an option in the current environment. Financial institutions must be able to control costs and maximize profits.

Our consumer loan management software allows institutions to accomplish this by optimizing loan pricing and underwriting strategies while effectively managing the regulatory environment. Our software system helps ensure loans are always priced and underwritten appropriately based on risk and cost while maintaining consistency with regard to regulatory expectations. Data management is self-contained within the program and accessible for monitoring, review, and available for regulatory examinations.

Our product is the only of its kind that is specifically designed to manage fair lending risk. Our system provides a way to efficiently reduce regulatory risk, thereby, reducing cost and at the same time ensuring optimal loan pricing and decisioning. The system is a customizable, automated, web-based origination loan system banks can rely on for profitability and consistency with little room for lender error. The software is housed on secure servers, so deployment involves only obtaining username and password information for lenders and compliance staff. Additionally, our statistical modeling expertise can assist in establishing appropriate parameters which can be adjusted as needed. Annual license fees include data maintenance and all necessary support.

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