We are an analytical and consulting firm specializing in econometric and statistical analysis for the banking industry, Fair Lending and CRA consulting, and other research and analytical services.

“Successfully managing certain aspects of fair lending risk today requires a specialized level of expertise that is simply beyond what most financial institutions can produce internally. Premier fills this void for us by providing analyses we can trust and that help guide our institution’s lending practices.”
Executive Vice President & Chief Risk & Security Officer - $4 Billon Regional Bank

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Latest Posts

In the Fair Lending Crosshairs: Commercial Lending

Historically, business lending has not been the focus of fair lending reviews during bank examinations. The focus is usually on HMDA reportable applications since government monitoring information (GMI) is available and, therefore, protected and...

FDIC Releases Guidance on Redlining Risk and the Concept of REMA

Evaluating redlining risk can take a number of forms and methods. In a recent webinar by the FDIC, the agency reaffirmed and provided more detail about a bank’s “REMA”, or Reasonably Expected Market Area.

Competition for the Affluent Banking Market and Disparate Impact

Commercial banks are required under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to serve all segments of the communities in which they operate. This includes making loans to areas and individuals of all income levels, and particularly low and moderate...