We are an analytical and consulting firm specializing in econometric and statistical analysis for the banking industry, Fair Lending and CRA consulting, and other research and analytical services.

“Successfully managing certain aspects of fair lending risk today requires a specialized level of expertise that is simply beyond what most financial institutions can produce internally. Premier fills this void for us by providing analyses we can trust and that help guide our institution’s lending practices.”
Executive Vice President & Chief Risk & Security Officer - $4 Billon Regional Bank

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Binary Choice Regression Modeling in Fair Lending Analysis (Part 2 of 2)

In a previous post, we discussed the binary choice regression model which is often employed in evaluating consistency in underwriting with respect to fair lending laws and regulations. Let's continue the discussion.    

Binary Choice Regression Modeling in Fair Lending Analysis (Part 1 of 2)

Binary choice models arise when the dependent variable (the measurement variable or what is to be explained) in a regression model y only takes two possible outcomes, generally 0 or 1.

For example, it is common in a fair lending analysis of...

Forms of Fair Lending Discrimination: Borrower Age

In this series of posts, we address types of fair lending discrimination that are commonly recognized by the regulatory and enforcement agencies. The points covered are risk areas that are often examined in the course of regulatory reviews....