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Manage Lending Risk & Enhance Profitability with Radiant Lending

The banking industry continues to face a roller coaster ride of economic challenges. Margins grow ever tighter thanks to a compressed rate environment, increased costs due to heightened regulatory scrutiny, and uncertain credit quality in a volatile economy.

Developed by the PhD economists at Premier Insights, Radiant Lending is the solution to all of these challenges. A web-based, always-online loan origination system, this user-friendly, leading-edge software is built around profitability and managing fair lending risk.

Radiant Lending Benefits

A Turnkey Solution

Deployment includes an evaluation and optimization of your pricing structure to allow for costs and risk, and to implement loan policy.

Lowers Fair Lending Risk

Automates, tracks, and monitors loan policy for consistent enforcement.

Easy to Implement & Use

A secure cloud-based solution, Radiant works through any web browser with an intuitive design that makes it easy to use with minimal training.

Comprehensive Integration

Works with doc prep systems and other critical services and provides managed flexibility of underwriting and pricing exceptions with extensive data tracking and document storage.

Online Applications

Includes online application options that help streamline the entire application process.

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