About Us

Premier Insights - About Us

Premier Insights is an analytical and consulting firm based in the Jackson, Mississippi area. We specialize in econometric and statistical analysis for the banking industry, Fair Lending and CRA consulting and other research and analytical services. We have an array of strategic partners that allow for versatility in project design and execution.


What We Offer

The value Premier Insights brings to its clients is a unique perspective, experience, and the ability to target solutions effectively.

Our Team

Brandon Roberts, Ph.D. is president and principal of Premier Insights. Using experienced professionals, the company brings unequaled expertise and intellectual resources to bear in order to meet client demands. The firm’s closely networked strategic alliances empower the company with extraordinary talent. Projects typically involve other doctoral level professionals, attorneys, and seasoned veterans in respective fields.

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Premier Insights has a wealth of experience and a diversity of expertise. The company’s commitment to excellence and premium service has earned them a solid reputation with their clients. Premier has remained committed to its core business and continues to develop its expertise and improve services.