Other Services

Bank Research

Extensive research options are available specifically for the banking industry. The firm has extensive experience including customer research and demand forecasting.

Customer Surveys

What do customers in your market think about your bank? The competition? Premier Insights will design and implement a telephone survey of a representative sample of your market area or customer base to help evaluate your relative standing, services, advertising penetration, and perception in the market place.

Economic Market Studies

Premier Insights provides key market studies focusing on key economic variables to identify trends and conditions.

Market Research

Premier Insights tailors its services to meet your specific needs. We specialize in creative techniques to gather the key information. Our analysis is thorough, providing you with reliable data that can be incorporated immediately into business strategies. Varying methodologies are utilized, including market segmentation studies, customer profiling, market area studies, customer surveys, focus groups, and mystery shopping.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping has emerged as one of the most reliable and widely used commercial research tools. Its is a powerful tool for evaluating fair lending compliance, obtaining competitor intelligence, or evaluating and motivating customer service. Whether the project is large or small, we will provide the information necessary to monitor performance, benchmark the competition, and identify critical issues.

Risk-Based Pricing

Increased competition and thinning of profit margins has resulted in the use of risk or yield-based pricing. Although sound from a profit standpoint, Regulators may determine some rate structures to be discriminatory or predatory if proper analysis has not been conducted to justify and validate pricing practices. Premier Insights takes a scientific approach to provide institutions with a thorough assessment of asset performance and create a pricing structure that is sound from a regulatory perspective while optimizing asset quality.

Statistical Modeling

Whether it’s predictive modeling, forecasting, or any type of statistical testing, Premier Insights has the knowledge and expertise to produce reliable analysis for institutions in need of more sophisticated econometric techniques.