We utilize Premier Insights because of their expertise, personal attention, and scope of services. They give us confidence in our Fair Lending and CRA programs and give us resources we would not be able to have in-house.”

Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer,
$1.2 Million Community Bank

Premier brings the knowledge level, skill set, experience, specialized financial and technical expertise needed to effectively manage and ultimately mitigate our exposure to fair lending risk. Their services are invaluable to the bank’s ability to provide the highest quality products and services to the customers and communities we serve.”

CRA & Fair Lending Manager,
$20 Billion Regional Bank

Successfully managing certain aspects of fair lending risk today requires a specialized level of expertise that is simply beyond what most financial institutions can produce internally. Premier fills this void for us by providing analyses we can trust and that help guide our institution’s lending practices.”

Executive Vice President & Chief Risk & Security Officer,
$4 Billion Regional Bank

Premier has been assisting us with CRA and Fair Lending for 10 years. They have never failed to meet and exceed our expectations. Knowing that we can trust their advice, analyses, and guidance makes navigating the regulatory environment much easier. Every bank needs a true partner like Premier Insights.”

Senior Vice President & Compliance Officer,
$500 Million Community Bank

We have always been extremely pleased with the services provided by Premier Insights. They have been of paramount importance in assisting us in identifying and correcting potential problem areas, reducing risk, and enhancing our overall compliance programs.”

Senior Vice President & Director of Compliance,
$700 Million Community Bank

We count on Premier to help manage our CRA and Fair Lending programs. Their responsiveness to our needs and the ability to craft appropriate solutions has been a tremendous asset for us. The personal service we receive is also difficult to find in today’s market place.”

Executive Vice President & Chief Credit Officer,
$250 Million Local Bank

The legal, regulatory and compliance world has become increasingly more challenging and it looks like this will continue going forward. We reached out to Premier Insights to both assist and consult with us as we seek to maintain and improve our efforts to comply with Fair Lending and Equal Credit Opportunity laws and regulations. We have relied on them to improve our compliance efforts in these areas from a policy, procedural and independent review standpoint. We complement their work product which we have shared with the auditing and regulatory communities that we deal with in today’s environment.”

President & CEO,
$1 Billion Community Bank

The services provided by Premier give us confidence in the current regulatory environment. Their analyses provide insights into what we can further do to accomplish our mission of servicing the needs of our assessment areas as well as other areas throughout related geographies. This information helps to plan for future products, improve on those we have currently and address any areas which may show deficiencies.”

Senior Vice President & Director of Compliance,
$2.5 Billion Community Bank