Regulatory Forensics

Has your institution found itself the target of an expansive fair lending inquiry of enforcement action? We can help.

Having a robust forensic econometric and statistical analysis is the first step in evaluating the risk you are facing and charting the correct course of action. Premier has extensive experience with these matters and can help you successfully navigate this process.

We have a team of experienced economists and statisticians that have worked on numerous such cases over the last two decades. Our team are experts in quantitative methods and forensic econometrics, have experience working with the agencies, and we also understand banking, lending, and loan policy.

We are committed to our member banks’ success and can help you untangle whatever issue you may be facing.

If you are not facing a situation like this currently, bear in mind successful compliance management programs, and more specifically fair lending management requires a blend of both internal and external resources and efforts.

As fair lending has become more complex, with the use of more sophisticated statistical methods being applied to data during examinations and inquiries, institutions need an experienced partner that understands their business practices and lending that can both guide them and provide statistical and econometric support during an examination or conduct forensic analyses.

We would welcome the opportunity to be that partner for you and your institution.