Celebrating 25 Years With the Louisiana Bankers Association

Celebrating 25 Years With the Louisiana Bankers Association

Welcome Louisiana Bankers Association Member!

We here at Premier Insights are proud to celebrate 25 years of work with banks across the South, and we’re especially glad to see you.

Over the years, the world of banking and financial technology has evolved, but our mission has not: to guide and assist our bank clients and partners through the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory scrutiny and market conditions.

We’d love to work with you, so please feel free to reach out to our team at any time to see how we can help your bank lower risk and raise your bottom line.

To help you get a sense of what we can do together, here are 25 ways Premier Insights can help your bank navigate the modern banking landscape:

Premier Consulting

Our team of expert economists, analysts, and engineers is ready to work with your bank to mitigate fair lending risk, face compliance examinations, and establish profitable, fair pricing and models.

1. Expert-Led Analysis
Experience and expertise produce exceptional analyses

2. Policy Development and Analysis
Data-based strategic policy development

3. Comprehensive Fair Lending Risk Management & Analysis
Forward-looking fair lending risk assessment & management

4. Experienced Support for Compliance Exams
Leverage 25 years of success facing regulatory exams together

5. Dynamic Risk Management
Latest analytics and critical insights from your data always at your fingertips

6. Risk Surveillance
High-level analytics and technology to mitigate future risks

7. Credit & Asset Quality Risk Management
CECL-compliant loss and economic forecasting

8. Policy & Product Impact Analysis
Evaluate effects of policies & products prior to implementation

9. Model Validation
Model validation for regulatory compliance by our economists and engineers.

10. Mystery Shopping & Customer Research
Assess risks and gather market critical intelligence

11. Private Insights from Industry Experts
Subscriber-only access to bleeding-edge insights

Radiant Lending

Radiant is our in-house developed, always evolving, secure technology platform that can help you tackle issues from loan origination to analysis delivery quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

12. Simple, Automated Loan Origination
Easy to use, fast processing of borrower applications

13. Industry Standard Digital Security
Penetration-tested, encrypted data processing and management

14. Managed Off-Site Implementation
Off-premises, cloud-based systems hosted by Microsoft Azure

15. Intuitive Lending Policy Management
Simple, quick policy adjustments with a focused, intuitive interface

16. Consistent Lending Policy Enforcement
Standardized pricing and underwriting enforced by technology

17. Managed Policy Flexibility
Trackable, enforceable exception management because no policy captures all possibilities

18. Access Online, Anytime, Anywhere
Web-based systems accessible from any device, 24 hours a day

19. Third-Party Integration
Limited or no re-typing for doc prep and beyond

20. Easy Implementation and Training
Get started in days, not months, with quick implementation and straightforward training

21. Ad Hoc Origination Data Analysis
Export and analyze loan originations as needed with custom-built tools

22. Systematic, Online Goal Monitoring and Analysis
Constantly updated, easily grasped metrics to ensure targets are met

23. Digital Report and Analysis Delivery
Instant, online delivery of in-depth analyses

24. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
Stay on top of your data and trends with automated monitoring and notifications

25. World Class Support
Get help or request improvements from our dedicated team of experts, engineers, and support specialists

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