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CFPB Annual Fair Lending Report Addresses Small Business Lending

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection issued its seventh Fair Lending Report to Congress.  The report, released June 28, 2019, describes the Bureau’s fair lending activities in prioritization, supervision, enforcement, rulemaking, interagency coordination, and outreach for calendar year 2018.

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In the Fair Lending Crosshairs: Commercial Lending

Historically, business lending has not been the focus of fair lending reviews during bank examinations. The focus is usually on HMDA reportable applications since government monitoring information (GMI) is available and, therefore, protected and non-protected classes status is readily identifiable. How is that changing today?

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Two Problems With Fair Lending and Commercial Loans

There are two major problems with fair lending and commercial loans, but lenders should still be prepared for an increase in scrutiny. The CFPB signaled in December of 2016 that small business lending was one of their priorities for 2017.

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