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General Updates

New Guidelines Released for HMDA Data Integrity Testing

New guidelines were released last week (August 23, 2017) for HMDA transaction testing. The guidelines explain the testing procedures and the error tolerance thresholds for resubmission of HMDA. Institutions in which a review reveals the amount of errors exceeds these tolerances will be required to resubmit their HMDA data.

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Highlights from the Second Quarter 2017 Quarterly Banking Profile from the FDIC

The FDIC Reports Insured Institutions Earn $48.3 Billion in The Second Quarter of 2017 & Community Bank Net Income Rises to $5.7 Billion in Second Quarter 2017

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The U.S. Economy At A Glance

The state of the economy was the subject of one of our posts last week. The New York Fed has just released a concise and useful summary of current indicators. These are summarized below. 

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Premier Insights, Inc. Begins its 23rd Year

Today, August 1, 2017, marks the beginning of the 23rd year of Premier Insights. As I look back over the last two decades I am very grateful – thankful for our success and for the many clients and other tremendous individuals and firms we have had the opportunity to work and partner with over the […]

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