CFPB Discusses Enforcement Work and What Lies Ahead in 2024

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The conversation discusses the recent article from the CFPB on their enforcement work in 2023 and what lies ahead.

The main themes include the emphasis on enforcement and the use of technology by the CFPB, the potential game-changing impact of technology in data analysis, and the importance of third-party support in analyzing data. The conversation also highlights the vulnerability of banks in analyzing marketing efforts and the need for technology and data resources.

Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for banks to be aware of the changing landscape and to work with third-party partners to understand and analyze their data effectively.


  • The CFPB is placing a strong emphasis on enforcement and is using technology as a tool to ramp up their efforts.
  • The use of technology in data analysis is a potential game-changer, allowing for the analysis of large quantities of data and the identification of patterns and potential risks.
  • Banks need to keep up with the technology and data resources available to regulators in order to effectively analyze their own data and identify potential issues before they become problems.
  • Third-party support is crucial for banks to navigate the changing landscape and understand the story their data is telling.


  • Introduction and Initial Reactions
  • CFPB’s Emphasis on Enforcement and Technology
  • Ramping Up Enforcement Efforts
  • The Potential Game-Changing Impact of Technology
  • The Shift from Manual Analysis to Technology-Driven Analysis
  • The Role of Data in Technology Applications
  • The Merging of Technology and Economics
  • The Evolution of Technology and Data Analysis
  • The Potential of Technology in Analyzing Images, Graphics, and Text in Marketing
  • The Need for Technology and Data Resources
  • The Importance of Third-Party Support

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