FDIC Publishes Nostalgic Issue of Consumer News in Commemoration of 25 Years

Industry Updates  »  FDIC Publishes Nostalgic Issue of Consumer News in Commemoration of 25 Years

Initially published in 1993, the FDIC Consumer News newsletter is celebrating 25 years of publication. 

Much has changed in banking over this time period, including increases in the FDIC deposit insurance limit from $100,000 to $250,000, the existence of online and mobile banking, conducting business transactions electronically, and the fact that the newsletter is now entirely paperless. However, many of the core concepts on matters such as saving, borrowing money, and avoiding fraud and theft remain generally the same. 

In this special edition, the agency has assembled 25 of the top articles from each year dating back to the publication’s start. Topics include saving for retirement, understanding FDIC deposit insurance coverage, money tips for travelers, and how to search for lost or forgotten bank accounts.

The FDIC encourages financial institutions, government agencies, consumer organizations, educators, the media, and anyone else to help make the tips and information in FDIC Consumer News widely available. The publication may be reprinted in whole or in part without permission. Please credit FDIC Consumer News. Organizations also may link to or mention the FDIC website.

The special edition, titled “25 Years of Tips You Can Bank On: Time-Tested Strategies for Managing and Protecting Your Money” can accessed at:

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