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Posted January 24, 2019

Looking Under The Hood: Do Your Loan Policies Need a Tune-Up?


A regulatory examination of lending activity, whether fair lending related or safety and soundness, always focuses on data. Data integrity notwithstanding (which is another blog post entirely), such data is a function of (2) things: (1) policies and (2) actual practices. The interaction of these two forces creates the lending data that will be the subject of a regulatory examination. These data, in turn, will shape the ultimate outcome of the review. 

By Premier Insights

In Loan Policy, Fair Lending

Posted May 09, 2017

Managing Underwriting Loan Policy Exceptions

Financial regulatory agencies today are especially focused on risk in their supervision practices. This includes both compliance related matters as well as safety and soundness. 

By Premier Insights

In Loan Policy

Posted March 09, 2017

Recent FDIC Supervisory Report Indicates Strong Commercial Bank Loan Growth and Increasing Concentrations

The FDIC recent released its Winter 2016 edition of Supervisory Insights. This edition was focused on credit risk trends.

By Brandon Roberts

In Loan Policy

Posted November 17, 2016

An Overview of Loan Policy Exceptions and Overrides

Understanding and managing loan policy exceptions is critical to a financial institution’s fair lending compliance.   In this article we explain policy exceptions and describe the different types of exceptions.  How an institution defines policy exceptions is also critical and will be the subject of another post.

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