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What to Consider When Implementing AI in Lending: A Conversation with ChatGPT

In the first post in our series on AI in lending, I began a conversation with ChatGPT, a so-called “large language model” of AI that’s made headlines recently. In that first part of the discussion, we covered 3 major benefits of AI in lending. In our second post in the series, we discussed the major […]

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3 Risks of AI in Lending: A Conversation with ChatGPT

In our first post in this series, we introduced the concept of AI in lending and examined the first part of my conversation on the subject with ChatGPT – a so-called “large language model” AI that has made recent headlines. After a general introduction to the idea, I asked ChatGPT about the benefits of AI […]

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3 Benefits of AI in Lending: A Conversation with ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence, or AI (also referred to as “machine learning”), is here to stay. The financial industry is already inundated with companies offering solutions ranging from underwriting models that consider more than a thousand different data points on each loan application to pricing models that maximize profit while reducing risk to AI-driven audio, video, and […]

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